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The world’s first anti-scam, dividend-paying, semi-decentralized exchange
What is semi-DeFi?
About Bridges
The Bridges Exchange was launched in 2022 in reaction to the problems of other DeFi exchanges—namely, the lack of quality control and the growing prevalence of scams. A semi-DeFi exchange, Bridges is active on BNB Chain, with listed projects having two key characteristics:

Safety: New projects will need to pass a safety check and extensive vetting procedure in order to be listed.

Innovation: To be listed on Bridges Exchange, projects are required to demonstrate that they bring innovation to the space.
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Our referral program has three vertical layers and no horizontal limits, with earnings tied to the amount of dividends generated by your referral.

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Swap between Bridges-approved tokens
Provide liquidity for trading pairs and earn 0.25% on each transaction
Farm your liquidity and earn our native token as well as the dividends it pays
Bridge$ (BRG.X)

The backbone of the Bridges ecosystem

Bridge$ is a multi-dividend token on BNB Chain that pays out in the BEP-20 token of your choice (currently BUSD, BTCB, BNB, or ETH). The amount of the dividend is tied to the daily volume of Bridges Exchange and the number of tokens you hold.
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Are you a crypto pioneer and need a place to shine?

Jump on board; the listing is free. View our pitch deck and documentation for more information.

Did you know?
Charity is our DNA… and our wallet

Bridges believes in “doing well by doing good.” Through our Charity Wallet, we financially support nonprofit organizations chosen by our user community. In addition, we support noble causes through networking, mentoring, and other means. Past recipients include:
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